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Celebrating Diversity

It is important to us at Oatlands Infant School that embedded within our curriculum is the opportunity for our pupils to learn about and to celebrate diversity in all forms.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that diversity is not taught as a stand-alone lesson but interwoven within every lesson throughout the school day. This can be seen within the books we chose to study in English, our resources as well as the topics we teach.

We teach about all the protected characteristics at an age- appropriate level to ensure our pupils have an awareness, develop tolerance and understanding and feel included.


Special Themed Days & weeks

As part of diversity celebration, we will take part in some special themed days and weeks including:


Wear it Red Day (Show Racism the Red Card)

  • Wear it Red Day will kickstart ‘Black Legacy’ month in our school. During this month, we will focus particularly on celebrating the work and achievements of prominent black people in the U.K. and abroad. On ‘Wear it Red Day’ the whole school will come together to raise money for ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ which is U.K’s leading anti-racism educational charity.


Children’s Mental Health Week

  • During this week, we shine a spotlight on the importance of children’s mental health. Throughout the week, all classes take part in a variety of activities to help pupils to manage their mental health.


International Women’s Day

  • This is a day to celebrate the achievements of women across the world. On this day, each year group will learn about a prominent woman who has made a difference to the lives of others. We will also take the time to celebrate all the women who support and nurture us in our Oatlands community.


Neurodiversity Week

  • During Neurodiversity week, we discuss how people learn differently and how this should be celebrated. During the week, we have special themed assemblies and lessons where we explore neurodiversity in an age- appropriate manner.


Rainbow Day (as part of Pride month)

  • This is a day for all children to celebrate the wide variety of families who make up our Oatlands community and focus on what makes us proud of our family. We will take the time to discuss the different family structures the children may encounter in life and share the ethos of different families, same love. We do not teach the children about the Pride movement but we chose to hold this day during Pride to communicate to our Oatlands Community that everyone is welcome at our school. 
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