School Clubs

Here at Oatlands Infant School, we are proud to offer a variety of exciting extra-curricular school clubs that run both on a lunchtime and after school. If you are interested in joining any of the clubs mentioned, please contact our friendly school office for more information. 

After School Clubs 

Rising Stars by Enchantica's 

(Mondays for Years 1 and 2) 

Rising Stars is run by Suzie who specialises in educational theatre, well-being for children and performing arts. Each session is designed to help the children shine bright by helping them to bring their own ideas to life.  Children will explore stories through drama, creative movement, singing, yoga, mindfulness and guided meditation. At the end of each term there is show and certificate ceremony for families to come and see.

Musical Theatre Club by Enchantica's 

(Mondays for Years 1 and 2) 

‘Musical Theatre Club’ is run by Catriona. During the sessions, the children will cover a range of musical numbers, incorporating singing, dancing, drama and performance art. They will also be working on one or two numbers per half term to perform at the end of term show, where families will be able to come and celebrate the children's hard work and achievements. 

Art Club with Miss Fulford- Returning in September! 

(Mondays for Year 1)

Do you love making things? Then come join Miss Fulford in Art club! During each session, pupils will have the opportunity to develop their creative talents using a variety of techniques and resources like paint, natural materials, pastels and collage materials. 

Cricket with Mrs Irvine

(Mondays for Years 1 and 2)

There are so many reasons why cricket is so popular! It is a great way for children to get active, enjoy themselves and make new friends. At Cricket club the aim is to get children into the game, polish skills and improve fitness. 

Lego Club with Miss Mitchell 

(Tuesdays for Years 1 & 2) 

Do you love building fantastic sculptures? Are you creative? Then Lego is the club for you! During Lego Club you will work collaboratively on a variety of weekly challenges with children across Key Stage One. 

Singing Club with Mrs Hunt

(Thursdays for Year 2) 

Do you love to sing? Then come and join Singing Club with Mrs Hunt. Each session begins with some warm-up songs and games. There are usually two or three songs that Singing Club are working on, so you will spend some time learning something new and some time reviewing familiar material. You will also have the opportunity to work towards a performance, perhaps in assembly or on a special occasion. 

Multi-skills with LUFC

(Thursday for Reception)

Multi-skills club provides a fun, challenging and enjoyable starting point for children's involvement in sport. Each session is designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, improve balance and co-ordination and develop team work. 

Lunchtime Clubs 

Calligraphy Club with Mrs Halsall

(Tuesdays for Year 2)

Did you know calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting? If you are intrigued then come and join Mrs Halsall where you can learn this special handwriting skill. The children begin by creating handwriting patterns then move on to forming lower and then uppercase letters in the italic style of calligraphy.  They will then enjoy using their new skills to copy poems, create greeting cards and invitations.


Mindfulness Club with Miss Foy

(Thursdays for Years 1 and 2) 

Miss Foy runs a special invite only Mindfulness club on a Thursday lunchtime for Year 1 and Year 2. During this time the children will learn about mindfulness including breathing techniques and yoga.

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