Opening Times

The School Day


Start of the Day- 8.50am 

We have a 10 minute window at the start of the school day in which the children can arrive from 8.50am until 9.00am.  This allows the teachers to welcome the children into school, giving them a positive start to the day.  The Teaching Assistants then welcome the children into their individual classrooms.  Any children arriving after 9.00am will need to enter via the office and be marked down as late. Learning starts in classrooms from 8:50 and continues until 15:20, totalling 32.5 hours per week.


The entrances/exits to be used are:

  • Infant entrance on Hookstone Road - Owls and Squirrels 
  • Old Boys entrance - Penguins and Giraffes
  • Old Girls entrance - Hedgehogs and Koalas
  • Main entrance - Tree Frogs
  • Side entrance - Lemurs and Dolphins



Children in Years One and Two have two playtimes during the day in their year groups.  The children in Reception have access to their Outdoor Learning Environment throughout the day.  Children are able to have a drink and a snack at the morning playtime.  Milk may be purchased on a termly basis through Cool Milk (children under 5 get this for free). We participate in the Free Fruit for Schools initiative which means that children are offered different types of fruit and vegetables each day. Children may bring their own snack to eat at school but we encourage children to bring in a fruit or vegetable-based snack and do not allow sweets, crisps or biscuits as we are trying to encourage the children to be healthy eaters. Please note we are a nut free school. 


Home time- 3.20pm

Children are to be collected from the entrance they came in. If you are unavoidably delayed, please let the school know.

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