Vision & Values

Nurtured + Inspired = Happy

Our Aims

Our ambition is to prepare each child as thoroughly as possible for the next stage of their journey after Oatlands Infant School. With this in mind we have written these aims to ensure that we have a clear vision of what we need to do to allow the children to succeed. We aim to ensure that children:


  • Are happy and fun-loving.
  • Are confident, self-assured and emotionally articulate.
  • Are independent and resilient; determined to overcome obstacles
  • Are kind, caring and thoughtful; a good friend to others.
  • Have developed a lifelong love of learning that prepares them for their next steps.
  • Are proud of their individuality whilst accepting the differences in others.
  • Are open-minded, well informed and are articulate enough to express their own views and opinions.
  • Are respectful, honest and compassionate.
  • Are hard-working and aspirational to become active global citizens.
  • Are creative, problem solvers and able to take risks.
  • Have accessed an inspiring curriculum that has ensured they are literate, numerate and well-rounded learners.
  • Most of all feel LOVED!

The Mission Statement for Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust:


“Where everyone is valued and respected, where we share commitment to education that is ambitious, setting the highest expectations and where integrity is the foundation.”

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