Transition into our Reception


We work hard with local nurseries to ensure that all children have a happy, healthy transition into our Reception cohort. Our Early Years team start the transition process as soon as children are allocated a place with us, and this includes nursery visits and discussions with families. We offer transition days and 'meet the teacher' events in the summer term, and we have a graduated transition process for children as they start Reception in September.


Many schools have a two-week transition process, however we recognise that many of our families work and will struggle to facilitate childcare over such a long period. Instead, we offer a four-day transition period:


Monday = teacher training day

Tuesday = half classes for a 2-hour session

Wednesday = half classes for half a day each (am or pm)

Thursday = full classes for half a day (am)

Friday = full classes for half a day (am) plus lunch

Week 2 = full-time in school


If children have complex special educational needs, a longer transition process may be required. This will be planned carefully with families to ensure that all children are set up with the greatest chance of success.

Transition to Junior School


Children normally transfer from the Infant School to Oatlands Junior School. Children who attend Oatlands Infant School are guaranteed a place at the Junior School, however an application must still be submitted. Applications for a place at the Junior School are made through the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions office.


There is close liaison between the two schools throughout the academic year.  Members of staff meet regularly and engage in joint training sessions, and subject leaders work closely together to ensure that the Infant and Junior School learning journeys align. This includes the use of the same schemes in many areas of the curriculum, such as White Rose in Maths and Jigsaw in PSHE. All teachers in both schools visit each other at least annually, and the Headteachers work in close partnership with each other.


The Year 2 children visit the Junior School on a number of occasions in their final year at the Infant School as a means of preparing them for their new school and familiarising them with the building, routines and staff. The Infant and Junior Schools also co-host the Christmas and Summer Fairs, which helps children to familiarise themselves with the site and staff.


Children with more complex needs often have a longer transition period, which starts shortly after Christmas during their time in Year 2. The Infant School continue to support Oatlands Junior School even after our children have left Year 2 as we have such strong connections with the children and their families. Therefore, the transition process tends to come to a close by October half term as the children have settled into Year 3.

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