Behaviour in School


At Oatlands Infant School we understand that the answer to positive behaviour lies in the ability of adults to deliver behaviour practice that is simple, highly effective and consistent.  This consistency is a base on which to build authentic, exciting behaviour practice.


“When people talk about behaviour, they obsessively search for the instant solution.  Some peddle magic dust or ‘behaviour systems’ that glisten yet quickly fade.  Others relentlessly scream for a bigger stick to beat students down with.  Both extremes harbour an irresistible idea that there is a short cut to changing behaviour.  They sell the lie that you can provoke sustained behavioural change in others without doing much hard work yourself.  The truth is that there is no alternative to hard work: building relationships with those who would rather not, resetting expectations with those who trample them, being relentlessly positive and sustaining a poker face when confronted with challenging behaviour.”       

Paul Dix, Pivotal Education


To encourage and reinforce good behaviour, we will endeavour to provide a calm, friendly atmosphere throughout the school.


Our school rules are:

  • Ready

  • Respectful

  • Safe



Our consistencies, which we will reinforce every day, are:

  • Daily 'meet and greet' - staff will greet the children at the door to give a personal welcome in to class.

  • Lovely Lines - children will line up facing forwards, with hands by their sides and standing quietly.

  • Wonderful Walking - pupils are to walk sensibly and calmly around school and encouraged by staff to do so.


Positive Recognition

  1. Recognition Boards

  2. Home Phone Calls

  3. Certificates

  4. Praise from different members of staff


Over and Above Recognition

  1. Positive Notes

  2. Biscuit Break Thursdays



We take any allegations of bullying or racial harassment extremely seriously. Incidents will be dealt with according to our anti-bullying and behaviour management policies.

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