Parent Teacher Association


Our school is fortunate to have a very strong PTA which organises a wide variety of events for parents and children.  Every parent with a child in our school is automatically a member of our thriving PTA.  Details of its activities are circulated to all parents who are asked to support functions as fully as possible. The PTA raises funds to purchase materials and equipment for school. The Association helps to form a link between parents, teachers, pupils and ex-pupils of the school. Occasionally events are organised jointly between the Infant School PTA and the Junior School PTA.


You can find further information about the PTA and its activities on Facebook and Twitter or
email us at

Second Hand Uniform

We have a wide range of second hand uniform for sale which is detailed in the attached excel spreadsheet. As a guideline, prices are:

School cardigans / Jumpers = £3 and above

Crested polo shirts £2.00 and above

School dresses £1.50-£2.00 and above

Skirts £1.00-2.00 and above

School trousers & shorts £1.50 and above

Jogging bottoms & PE shorts min £1-1.50

Hoody & PE tops £2 and above

Plain polo shirts £1-£1.50 each


To place an order please email 

Oatlands Infant School set a challenge for their pupils to run the Harrogate Junior Park Run on Sunday 1st October 2023, to raise funds for new school equipment and facilities to help the children thrive!


Another fantastic night to celebrate year 2s leavers! We all had a ball with music from Rascals Entertainment. 

A massive thank you to all the helpers and teachers.  

Thank you Ms Anderson for all your support! 

Bon voyage to you and all on your next journey. 

Onwards and Upwards! 🎈🎈🎈

King Charles II bunting competition

On the day of Coronation, the PTA were busy with judging all the buntings that’s been submitted by the school children.  There were well over 100 entries. Winners from each year group were chosen and announced in the afternoon.  

The children sang songs to celebrate the King's Coronation, and the teachers put together a great performance. The atmosphere was made even more joyful by the decorations, including bunting designed by the school children, making it a memorable day.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the playing field selling cakes and refreshments to our parents, friends and families. 

Thank you to the PTA team for such a great afternoon! 

Year 2 leavers disco

Our first Leavers Disco since the pandemic, what a fantastic evening!  We had over 80 children with glow sticks, balloons, dancing along with our very own DJ Dance Matt.  DJ Dance Matt was on great form, he was pumping out music from George Ezra - Shot gun, watch you wa wa wa song, followed by a famous tune from Encanto to Baby Shark.  Every child was dancing away, some were doing the splits, break dancing and street dancing!! To finish, DJ Matt played a farewell to Oatlands infant song!  It was a spectacular evening where boys and girls just embraced their time with friends, their teachers and Oatlands Infant school! 

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who helped out and made this night a memorable one! 

In October 2021, the PTA were set a fund raising challenge to raise £10,000 towards the building of a new Reception classroom with direct access to the outdoor area.

For our first challenge, the PTA organised a sponsored fun run.  The challenge was for all the children to run 2km in conjunction with Junior Park Run and raise sponsorship money or donations.  The run director sorted all the volunteers’ responsibilities on the day, all the PTA needed to do was to find 16 volunteers, source the medals and some healthy snacks, of which we chose watermelons and tangerines (tasty and refreshing).

The day started off with lovely sunshine and approximately 100 Oatlands infant children plus parents equipped with their runners’ barcode.  Everyone arrived at the Magnesia Well Cafe in Valley Gardens for 08.50 all ready for their warm ups, instructions of where to go and H&S briefing!

As the clock struck 09.00, the count down began 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go and all the runners and parents were off!!  What a magnificent race, watching all the children giving their upmost effort, rosy cheeks and lots of smiles. They ran past the marshals, parents, friends and families who were all cheering out loud!!  Once 2 laps had been done, tokens handed out, barcodes scanned, all the runners with their parents were directed to receive their well earned medal and tasty refreshments!!

What a smashing day!! Everything went smoothly and all that’s left to do now, is to remind the children and parents to bring in their sponsor money!!

Thank you to all the volunteers, parents, families and friends for taking part and supporting Oatlands PTA.  We hope this will raise a lot of money towards our great big build project!!  But also, we hope you will join Junior Park Run again sometime in the near future. It is on every Sunday wind, rain or shine!

Year 2 Valentine's Disco

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