“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”      

- Flora Lewis

Our Curriculum Intent 

Although the National Curriculum doesn’t require Languages to be taught until KS2, at Oatlands Infant School we believe that we have a fantastic opportunity to inspire and enthuse children in KS1 and the Foundation Stage about learning foreign languages.  In light of this, all children in our school enjoy the opportunity to experience another language.  In Reception, we take a multi-lingual approach, linking in with the topic and adding another layer to the children's knowledge and understanding of the world.  The children may learn to count to ten in one language, then learn some food vocabulary in another language later in the year.  In Year 1, the children learn Spanish and in Year 2, French.  We have a short, weekly lesson based around songs, rhymes, games and stories. This is then followed up throughout the week, with lots of opportunities to reinforce the learning.


Our main aim is to nurture curiosity and an awareness of the wider world.  We seek to inspire the children to approach languages with confidence and enthusiasm as they continue their education and, indeed, throughout their lives.

SEND and Inclusion in Languages

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